Thursday, April 11, 2013


Who needs a compass anyway? –Craig Macartney
Rating: *****

The short article “Who needs a compass anyway?” has taught me so much, in such little time. As I kept on reading I learnt new things that I probably would have never learned if it weren’t for this article.
This article is about a family receiving a paper that had tips in it about how to survive without a compass.  The paper began off by saying “There is no need of a compass while travelling through the woods…” It caught their eyes as soon as they started reading, as they further on discovered how you can tell where the north side is because three fourths of moss grows on the north side. The paper made points that plants provide clues about which way south is, where the sun gives most of the energy and light. 

I really enjoyed this article because I found out useful information and facts about finding your way around if you get in situations not available of getting a compass. This article can truly help people a lot if you are in certain troubled situations.

I highly suggest reading this short article, so it could potentially help you, or even a friend!

Macartney, Craig. Who needs a compass anyway.  Quebec: Gatineau, 2012. Print. 

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