Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to survive off pine needles - Jesse Trail

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The sound of using the parts of a pine trees to survive in the woods if necessary isn’t exactly that believe-able to hear but it’s true. Just by telling by the title, this article intrigued me.
The bark and the sap of the tree are very high in vitamin c, vitamin a, and other nutrients. The inner bark of the tree can be eaten raw or cut and then cooked like spaghetti or dried to be a thickner for soup and stews. Also, the sap and bark can be used to create a tea.

The needles of the pine can be chewed or made into tea. Only chew the needles for five minutes and then proceed to spit them out. This then makes sure you only receive the juices from the needles.

The cones produce seeds which can then be roasted and shelled. The woody cones are female and the softer cones are male. Both are able to be roasted. Men cones produce a pollen on them, which can just be eaten. If you find young female cones they can be ground and sprinkled over food to add extra nutrients.

-          Teia Maracle

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