Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mountain Bike technique - Dave Stibbe (article #4)

                                           Mountain Bike technique - Dave Stibbe

        This article gives a brief explanation of a couple things that you can do to become a better mountain biker. First and foremost you should set up your bike correctly. More travel, less pre-load, thicker tires- they're all things that should be considered before going out. Also, wearing more protective gear is a good idea because no matter how good, you'll always fall at some point.
In mountain biking you should mainly use the rear brakes because it's easier to maintain control over the bike. Looking ahead will allow you to plan your route better and avoid trouble. Staying off your seat during bumpy sections makes it easier to navigate through them as your body isn't bouncing with the bike. Also, controlling the movement of your bike with your legs and seat can help in steep descents where you have to slide through a turn.

         Although I'm not a hardcore mountain biker I like going on challenging trails once in a while, and these tips help. I already knew most of them but I know that I need to work on looking ahead further now. That's something that could definitely make me a better and safer rider. I also didn't know that putting on a shorter stem could help with lifting the front tire, but I probably won't change that on my bike.
        Personally I think the best way to learn is by actually doing the activity, but these tips are a good starting point for people that have never been on a trail before.

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