Monday, June 17, 2013

Article assingment 4

How we chose the cover: July-august 2013

By- Aaron Kylie


This article is about how they chose the cover for the July and August 2013 edition of Canadian geographic, and how the staff went with a different cover choice than the one that actually won the contest they held to pick the cover.


My opinion on the choice they made makes sense because a picture that includes the person the story was actually about instead of just a random person is a better choice.

I believe they made the wrong choice in not publishing the winning cover because if you’re going to let the public decide what the cover should be you should make it the cover that most of them actually wanted and not just the one you think looks best. If you’re going to do that just pick the cover yourself.


Kylie, Aaron. How we chose the cover: July-August" Canadian geographic. 4 jun 2013. CG compass blog. 17 Jun 2013 .


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