Monday, June 17, 2013

The article I read was called How to Rock Climb. In this article it explained how to rock climb in 10 steps. The steps were sequenced in order of what you need to do. The first step in the article explained that you need to befriend an experienced climber so he can “show you the ropes” (pun intended). The second step explained that you need to choose a style of climbing that you will be doing and the location you will be climbing.  The third step said that you should choose an easier route to take because you are a beginner. The fourth step said to ensure that you have all the right safety gear to climb. In the fifth step it tells you that you need to know your knots. The sixth step explains that you always need to double check your knots when you are ready to climb. In the seventh step it explains that you need chalk and how to balance out your weight evenly.  In the eighth step it explains how you are supposed to fall while climbing. In the ninth step you are told what to do when you reach the summit of what you are climbing. In the tenth and final step of this article it says that you need to stand up and untie yourself.

I thought this article was related to outdoor ed because we did a climbing unit and if we would have read this before we went climbing we would have had a better insight of climbing and the steps that go into climbing.

If I ever go out rock climbing not at a climbing gym I will be sure to resort back to this article so I will remember how what to do to prep for climbing.

Rating 4 out of 5!

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