Monday, June 17, 2013

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The true cost of oil – Gareth Lenz

Rating- ****


This TED talk was about how the tar sands in northern Alberta are a carbon bomb. The amount of carbon production and use of these oils will cause the ultimate destruction of the largest of the largest carbon sink in the world.

Why don’t we stop wrecking the earth and instead of wasting the money on stuff like the oil sands we should make advances in space technologies. A lot of the recourses we need on earth could be mined out of uninhabited rocks in space and it wouldn’t bother anyone. Earth is our home planet. Why not just go destroy other ones where nobody is going to care. Even just mining asteroids could probably get us a lot of the recourses we need.

Lenz, Gareth.  “The True Cost of Oil" TEDtalks. Nov 2011. Talks TEDx. Feb 2012


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