Monday, June 17, 2013


Ben Saunders skis to the North Pole

Rating: ***** 

In this Ted talk, there is a man named Ben Saunders who explains that 2000 people have made it to the summit of Everest, 12 people have set foot on the moon, but only himself and 3 other people have tried skiing to the north pole. Sadly, his dreams did not immediately come true on his first try. He made it 400 miles when he had to be picked up. He had made it too far into the summer season and some of the ice was beginning to melt. He felt like a complete failure.

After 4 years of pain and failure, he finally decided to go on another trek, one that has never been done before. He wanted to ski from Russia, through the north pole, all the way to Canada. After completing his first dream, making it to the north pole, he had to call it quits because of a shortage of supplies. 

Although he did not make the entire journey, this shows what perseverance really pays off. Ben Saunders is very inspirational and proves that anything can be done with determination. I would recommend this Ted talk to anyone.

-Ben Wilson

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