Monday, June 17, 2013

In this article it explains how to cross country ski in 16 easy steps. The steps in this article explain what to do with your feet, hand, body etc.  In step 1 it says you need to find powdery snow. Step 2 explains how to lay your skis to put them on. Step 3 explains the clipping in of your boots. Step 4 tells you how to hold your poles. Step 5 says the posture you need to get going. Step 6 explains what to do with your feet. Step 7 also explains what to do with your feet. Steps 8-10 explain what you need to do in sequence to get going.  Step 11 says to try some different techniques. Step 12 says to keep you upper body relaxed and gives an explanation on why. Step 13 explains how to start incorporating your ski poles in you movements. Step 14 explains the kick and pole push. Step 15 tells you about the herringbone. Step 16 teaches you how to turn. Also at the end of the article it has a list of stuff you need to cross country ski!

This is related to outdoor ed because we did a X-Country Skiing unit and if we had read this before hand we could have had known a little before instead of learning via trail and error.

Rating 3 out of 5

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