Monday, June 17, 2013

Article: How To Catch Largemouth Bass On Top Water
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A surface bait is incredibly fun and allows you to improve basic skills. An example of these are: sight, hearing and touch. It is a calming activity and very enjoyable.
The greatest times to do this sport/activity is from the last our of daylight, through the night and the first hour of morning daylight. That is when the fish come out from their deep hide outs in the weeds to lurk in the shallows.
The location while fishing top water is very important. Look out for weedy shorelines, lily pads, floating mats of vegetation, docks, stumps and fallen trees. But remember that calm water is
mandatory for top water. If the lure is the only target, it becomes irresistible for the fish.
Make sure that your tackle and tactics fit into this type of fishing. It is highly recommended to have a seven foot, medium heavy spinning or baitcasting rod for soild hooksets and is able to yank the fish out of the water.
It does not matter what kind of floating lures you use from the three different types: hard-body baits, soft baits and floating worms. When it comes to color, go with black when fishing at night because it is more visible to the fish against the night sky.
This arcticle is very food if you are interested in fishing and the different tactics for it. I highly recommend it for it is highly detailed and gives you step by step direction.

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