Monday, June 17, 2013

Backcountry First Aid Kit- Rick Curtis

Rating ***

Backcountry First Aid Kit is a basic and very in-depth starting point for a large group's first aid kit. It is a list of items to include as well as uses for the items and explanation on how and where to use each item. 

The list/article contains and elaborates on a multitude of items that might be useful in a first aid kit. The article is mostly a list and explanation of where and when to use each item. It explains what and what not to do when using each of the less common medicines or ointments.

I chose this article thinking that it would be a simple, easy list and reasoning of items to have in a first aid kit for the lighter packers, such as myself. The article is way more elaborate and detailed that I thought it would be and I personally think that the first aid kit includes too much for someone to include the whole thing. Though the title was somewhat misleading, the article was very informational and I would suggest reading it. 

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