Monday, June 17, 2013

Survival stories: Hot,thirsty, and lost in death valley by Kenneth Miller

Survival stories: Hot,thirsty, and lost in death valley by Kenneth Miller

Rating ***

When three women are put in a survival situation, they make decisions that will help them to survive but , if they make the wrong decision it could be there downfall. 

Three women( Donna, Gina, and Jenny) decide to visit Death Valley in California. A place where temperatures are extremely hot. The trio were done visiting a mansion when they decided that they wanted to go to racetrack, a dry river bed. On there way they start to make wrong turns which leads to a broken down car with a minimum amount of water food. After sleeping in their car for a night, Donna decides to try turning on the car again in an attempt to drive them to safety. Amazingly the car turns on, but with little gas they drive as far as they can and they end up finding three trailers. At the back of one of the trailers there is a hose with running water which they immediately use. Inside the trailers theirs a bit of food and beer. After a day a helicopter finds them and they are taken to safety.The girls get very lucky in this survival situation. 

This article makes me think of how lucky sometimes you need to be. It also make me think that in desperate times , you need to stay calm, relaxed and make logical decisions. It also inspires people never to give up and keep a optimistic view on the situation. 

Kenneth Miller" Reader's Digest Magazine" September 2012

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