Friday, June 14, 2013

Clothing Layers for Winter Sports - Aurora LaJambre

Clothing Layers for Winter Sports - Aurora LaJambre


This article was an easy to follow guide on what to wear during winter sports.

The article opens with the authors memorie of when she was a child and how easy it was to dress for winter.
It then explains the three layers needed to stay warm and dry. The outer layer (shell), the mid layer (warmth) and the base layer (wicking). it then gives detailed ways of which materials are best, how much to wear, and what not to wear. I also gives you tips for when you are shopping for these layers.

The article did give me some extra information. I had already known the basics of clothing layering, but some extras things were what to look for/avoid in your base layers. i would recomend this article to someone who is looking to learn about winter clothing layering.

LaJambre, Aurora. "Clothing Layers for Winter Sports". 2013. <>

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