Monday, June 17, 2013

Danielle Naçu dies in tragic Ottawa cycling accident Queen Street, Ottawa bicycle accident

Rating: ****

On October 11, 2011, Danielle Nacu was biking in the down town Ottawa area when a woman opened her car door on the road, knocking Danielle into the lane which caused her to be hit by oncoming traffic. Almost everyone in sight tried to help lift the car off of the woman but sadly failed. Danielle was rushed to the emergency room at the hospital but sadly died a short time after.

Since we are doing a biking unit in Outdoor Ed, I thought that this article was very appropriate. We have learned to not only focus on where the group is going, but also to fend for ourselves while biking. This shows that it takes on little mistake to take the life of a young, healthy woman.  This woman was even wearing a helmet. 

I was very shocked when I heard about such a tragedy here in Ottawa that could have been avoided. Everyone needs to be cautious on any kind of vehicle and because of this article, I will start to be cautious when biking in busy areas. 

Ben Wilson

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