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The fast and the furriest: Yukon Quest sled dog race 'puts you to the test' (Article #3)

           The fast and the furriest: Yukon Quest sled dog race 'puts you to the test' - Genesee Keevil

                                                              Rating: ****

            This article talks about the exhilarating 1000 mile sled dog race that goes through the heart of the Yukon.

            This year's winner, Allen Moore, completed the feat in 8 days, 18 hours and 57 minutes. He also made history being the first husband and wife to win it. (His wife won in 2000) Years ago 8 days to finish the race would have been impossible, but technology is advancing at amazing rates. Gore-tex dog jackets, aluminium sleds, and specially formulated dog food allow them to gain an edge. This isn't to say it's easy. Conditions can change very quickly and little mistakes can have huge consequences. In 2006 blizzards meant 6 teams had to be rescued by helicopter. The true secret to the amazing racing is the bonds between the dogs and the mushers.To them the dogs are like children. Without it none of this would happen- the dogs just wouldn't go.

          This article really made me realize just how difficult it must be to participate in the Yukon Quest. When I went to the Yukon I met a friend who had raced in it, but it only gave me a little glimpse of what it was like. It's weird to think that nowadays we are surrounded by such a vast wall of regulations and things that make our lives easier, and people are so opposed to doing anything which carries any sort of risk, but it's good to know that somewhere, people are still doing awesome things like this. It's also good to see technology improving the sport instead of hindering it. Personally it's not something I'd want to do but I see why people find it so great.

         The Yukon Quest is an amazing race that will hopefully return for many years to come.

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