Monday, June 17, 2013

Ted Talk

Roz Savage: Why I’m rowing the Pacific

            The Ted talk named “Why I’m rowing the Pacific” is by Roz Savage, in which she tells her story of why she is rowing across the Pacific Ocean alone in a row boat. This Ted talk was interesting because Roz demonstrates even if you’re doing something you don’t want to do, you can change that and chase whatever dream you have.

                Roz Savage is an ocean rower; as she’d row across the different oceans alone for long periods of time, though she didn’t start off as an adventurer. Roz Savage always dreamed to be an adventurer, though she never thought she’d be one, as she wasn’t tall, wasn’t large like a man and couldn’t even grow a beard. Since she thought these factors made it so she could never be an adventurer, Roz ended up to work in an office building which she hated while wanting more out of life. To get out her daily life, she decided that she would row across the Atlantic Ocean. While having some troubles, such as losing four oars and bad weather due to the weather, she finished 100 days after she started. Loving the experience, she decided to row across the Pacific Ocean, over 8000 miles. She split the trip into three legs, which took a while to get going, but during the time of the presentation of the Ted talk, she had completed up to the second leg and if she finishes, she would be the first solo woman to row across the Pacific Ocean. Throughout her adventures she raised funds and raised awareness towards climate change and pollution and since has made an app and encouraged people to make the small differences.

                The message that Roz tried to send out is that everyone can make a change, even if they’re just the little things that might just seem like a drop in the ocean, if everyone makes a change, a big change will follow. She also affected people by her story, coming from something she didn’t want to do, to chasing her dreams. This was a very effective talk and was very inspiring.

"Roz Savage: Why I'm rowing across the Pacific | Video on" TED: Ideas worth spreading.

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