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8 Homemade Fire Starters

8 Homemade Fire Starters – Kevin Callan

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            Looking for a great way to start a fire, but want to make them at home? Read this article and it will give you the top eight homemade fire starters.

            This article gives you eight different homemade fire starters and how to make them work the best. The first homemade fire starter is dryer lint and egg cartons. What you do is you place the dryer lint inside of the egg carton and drip wax onto the dryer lint. Second example is cotton balls and Vaseline which I would say is the most common one used and self-explanatory. Hand Sanitizer is the third example and all you have to do is squeeze a good amount of it on the wood and it will burn long enough to dry out the wood. Charcoal in egg carton is the same thing as the dryer lint in the egg carton but does not work as well as it. Waxed Paper and Dryer lint is another example and it burns very well but if you wrap up the dryer lint in the wax paper it makes a very good starter and you can place them around the fire. Potato Chips, yes you can use potato chips to start a fire, just make sure you find the greasiest kind you can get. Duct Tape is used for a lot of things and now you know that you can use it to start a fire, its highly flammable and will burn for a long time. Lastly Rubber tubing may not be a good fire starter too use because of how toxic it is, but if you are stuck and need to get a fire started it makes for a good starter.  

            This article really taught me a lot about what different things I can use to start a fire.  I did not know that you could use chips as a fire starter and that is a great thing to know for next time I go camping. I think that form reading this article I may just try out the different examples they stated to see which one works best.

            I would recommend this article to anyone that camps a lot. It gives you a lot of different examples that you can use to start a fire and may even teach you something.

Callan, Kevin. 8 Homemade Fire Starters. Explore. Jan. 12, 14.

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