Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"Layers for winter sports"
  By Aurona la Jambre

       Playing outside in the snow and doing winter activities means that you will get cold and wet.
Thats why you have to be dressed properly for the weather, to be able to enjoy your winter activities with family and friends.

       This article by Aurona la Jambre teaches you the necessary layers that you must wear in winter in  order to stay warm. It goes on, talking about the three main layers; inner, a mid-layer, and an outer layer. In the article they focus on pointing out, why some clothes are not good to wear, when doing winter sports. For example cotton retains moisture and it should not be used as a winter clothing base layer. Also i found it helpful when it mansions what material are good to buy and what to avoid when shopping for winter clothes.

       Reading this article made me think about the way i should be dressed up the next time l'm outside. I was able to learn why it's important to wear the three layers, and the consequences of not being warm when doing winter activities. this was definitely a good guide on how to be properly dressed up in winter and i would recommend everyone to read it and become more aware of the layers.

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