Wednesday, January 8, 2014

8 Homemade Firestarters-Kevin Callan

8 Homemade Firestarters
Jessica Thomas

Another article from Kevin Callan takes us through our homes to pick up any items that could be used to make a fire starter. Don't throw away your dryer lint and egg cartons because you might just be able to put them to good use for your fire. 

Many campers, including myself, don't always have direct access to a fire-starter in their homes. Author, Kevin Callan, writes about the many advantages to already in-home items such as vaseline, dryer lint and cotton balls that you can bring along to help assist you when your sticks and dried grass fail to bring you a fire. A simple few pumps of hand sanitizer could provide you with enough alcohol to get your logs dry and to get your fire going. The articles also mentions items that include charcoal, egg cartons, waxed paper, potato chips, duct tape, and rubber tubing. 

I found this article the most intriguing because I know that I don't have firestarters laying around my house so it could be beneficial to me as a camper. The next time I'm digging through cupboards to find items to pack for camping, I might think twice before tossing aside a bag of potato chips because they could act as a light alternative to a fire starter.

Kevin Callan, "8 Homemade Firestarters", Jan. 30 2012, Explore Magazine, 

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