Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bleeding To Death in the Desert


A triathlon runner decides to go for a 2-hour run in Moab (desert area) with his dog, Taz. The weather is cold, so while running, he encounters ice on the ground in the connection of canyons. The runner ends up slipping and sliding down the canyon’s smooth surface and smashes down to the canyon floor. It turns out that e brakes his pelvis (hip area) in half. Not knowing his injury is serious; he tries to drag himself upwards, but couldn’t move his legs. Therefore, he stops at a frozen puddle of water and drinks just enough water in order not to have the need to urinate. Getting wet is the last possible action in a cold weather condition. Throughout the cold night, he tries to warm himself by performing stomach crunches He spends all the 52 hours of survival awake by doing crunches. During the next morning, the runner couldn’t move, because of the heavy internal bleeding in the pelvis. Meanwhile, the dog, Taz, brought attention to rescuers to follow him to his owner’s injury. He is then healed and keeps on running to race.

“Bleeding” is an article that expresses the struggle to cope with serious injuries in different types of weathers. This article made me think about the various ways to keep warmth in difficult and cold situations, especially when there is a serious injury involved. This article also taught me to think outside the box and not to panic in moments of hardship. Other than the ability to survive alone in difficult moments, this article is inspiring to people who don’t own pet dogs. Sometimes, dogs could be helpful as they could comprehend and feel for people in the moments of need. “Bleeding “sets a great example of dealing with hardship moments, which is probably the first idea in my head when I’m in trouble.   

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