Thursday, January 9, 2014

Article #4 - Briana Day

The jaw-dropping benefits of cross-country skiing

Alex Hutchinson

This article is about the crazy difference between people who cross country ski, compared to those who don't. Researchers in Sweden and at a university in Indiana made a study to see just how big of a difference in how in shape the non-skiers (but still relatively healthy) and skiers were compared to each other. The results were "jaw-dropping" as the article suggests and shows that the x-country skiers had around twice the cardiovascular and muscular fitness than the group of untrained volunteers. 

This article continues on about the benefits of cross country skiing and it's benefits to your health and fitness level. It also presents the readers with more x-country ski statistics and interesting facts that have been proven.

Although I'm not a cross-country skier, I found this article to be quite fascinating because I find it cool that one form of physical activity can have such a positive effect on your fitness level and health.

Hutchinson, Alex. "The Jaw-dropping Benefits of Cross-country Skiing." The Globe and Mail. Phillip Crawley, 06 Jan. 2013. Web. 07 Jan. 2014. <>.

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