Thursday, January 9, 2014


            This article informs readers how to properly roll your kayak from the flipped position. There are 5 professionals that each give a different tip to try and help you succeed in mastering this technique.

The five tips that were given are as follows:
1-     Don’t panic, Even though your head will be submerged underwater it is important to stay calm so you can successfully flip.
2-     Get flexible; it is important to make sure you are flexible to make it that much easier to flip by using your hips.
3-     Give in, when you fall into the water it makes it much easier when you work with the water instead of against it, moving with the water will get you upright easier and faster.
4-     Skip the setup, when you fall you typically fall into a low brace, if that fails then roll into a high brace, and if that fails then we are in a rotated position underwater and from there we can easily move forward.
5-     Stop over thinking, try not to think to much while underwater and just do what you have to do, don’t make it harder than it has to be.

I like this article because it is very helpful for those struggling to master the technique of flipping your canoe. Each one of the examples is given by professionals who know how to do things properly. The way they talk in this article is very encouraging which is a very good thing is due to the fact that they are trying to teach the reader something. I would recommend this article to anybody that enjoys whitewater kayaking.

Paddling Buyers Guide. Roll With It. Page 50. 2014 Paddling Buyers Guide. James Roberts.

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