Thursday, January 9, 2014

Extreme Wing Suit Flying ted talk

Extreme Wing Suit Flying- Ueli Gegenschatz
Rating ****

          I chose this Ted Talk because sky diving and wing suit flying has always appealed to me as very interesting and it sounds even better when it says “Extreme wing suit flying”.

          This Ted Talk was about Ueli Gegenschatz. He is an extreme sky diver and has been doing it for many years. In the video he talked about how he first started the sport by doing regular sky diving, then moving onto doing more extreme types of sky diving. Once he started to do wing suit flying he loved it immediately and kept trying to push his limits and set new records. One of his more public jumps was when he jumped off of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.


          I found that this Ted Talk was very exciting and interesting and it has shown me the different possibilities there are while sky diving. I learned that there is something called air surfing, that's when the sky diver jumps out of the plane with a snowboard attached to his feet, this gives the jumper a lot more control in the air. After watching this its made me want to try sky diving even more when I'm older.

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