Friday, January 24, 2014

camping trip

Overall I think that the hiking trip was an enjoyable experience to me. It was my very first time going camping so it was neat learning about the outdoors.
It was fun learning how to build fires, setting up tents, making my own food, swimming in the lake, learning how to pack a camping bag etc... Some people thought that it was quite a bit of walking but I was able to keep up with guys up front. The only thing that I would have changed in the trip was the fact that I didn’t have many snacks and I probably would have held the amp more often because we only relied on the paths but the maps showed us short cuts to our destinations. The food was good, the weather was great, and the water was nice. We hug our bags as told 3m high and 1m away from the tree trunk too. One of my favourite events of the hiking trip was the bus ride. I think that was a once in a life time ride because it almost flipped, it got stuck in the mud, and while we were stuck in the forest we were driving backwards too. It was like a James Bond car stunt but 10 times better.

I wouldn’t mind going on that same trip again. It was probably the best school field trip I have been on.

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