Friday, January 24, 2014

Cross-Country Skiing: Quick Tip

Rating: ***

This article was (as the title would have you believe) able to give helpful tips for when skiing beginners, such as myself. 

It not only gives tips on what to do during your ski trip, but also what to do beforehand. For instance, one should always remember to bring wax for an overall smooth and enjoyable trip. It also reminds you to stretch, practice your technique, and always drink plenty of water. Of course, quite a few of these tips are just that, reminders, and are otherwise pretty obvious things that you should do. Still, it was a helpful read, especially for someone like me who is new to skiing, and I will be sure to remember these tips whenever I do go skiing again. 

In the end, this article offers helpful reminders that any and all skiers should take into account when they plan their next ski trip. If you’re really into skiing, and want to read something that could potentially be of use to you, then I recommend that you read this article.

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