Friday, January 24, 2014

survival kit

Survival kit

For our survival kits we were supposed to choose 10 items that we would need to bring to survive a night in a Canadian forest during the summer. I chose a knife, a water bottle, a blanket, a compass /whistle, a chocolate bar, water purifier, matches, a poncho, flash light and a bag.

 If you’re lost out in a forest in the summer time you will need to be hydrated so that’s why I have included the water bottle in my kit. It acts as a container for my small items and it also acts as a bottle too. As my second item I chose matches because if you have to stay outside overnight you will need to build a fire to keep yourself warm. It also acts like a source of light and you can also send smoke signals. As my third item I chose my hunting knife. Pocket knifes are useful but they don’t cut through thick wood and the blade is too thin. A hunting knife would cut wood easily and other things too. My fourth item I have a flash light because if for any reason you have to travel during the night you will need light to guide you. My fifth item I chose a rain poncho. If suddenly it starts top rain you want to stay dry to prevent hypothermia and it will also keep you warm too. As my sixth item I chose the compass/whistle because the whistle will keep bears away from you and it might be heard by somebody and the compass because it will help you navigate out of the forest. Another reason why I chose this item is because it is compact. My seventh item I chose water purifier to prevent getting sick and to prevent beaver fever. As number eight I chose a chocolate bar because if I die out in the forest I would like to eat something good before I die. As my ninth item I chose a blanket because it will keep you warm during a cold night. And my tenth I chose a bag because if you are close to water you can fish using the bag.

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