Friday, January 24, 2014
Winter trekking is a website with lots of information on how to dress properly and be active in the winter while staying safe. They have lots of information on cross country skiing and snowshoeing as well as information on camping in the winter months. They have lots of information on how to stay safe like avoiding frostbite, hypothermia and what to do if something like that occurs. Also they have a forum section if you want to ask questions about anything related to being outdoors in the winter. Its free to sign up so no need for credit cards or anything like that to ask questions just an email address.

Outdoor ed students could use this site to find out information on waxing skis, proper clothing selection as well how to be safe outside in the winter. There is information on avoiding snow blindness safety around lakes and rivers giving the fact that we sometimes ski near rivers and streams it is something students should know. Students can also use this site for review on winter clothing selection to avoid frostbite and hypothermia. The site also has information on proper sleeping bag selection which is important for students planning on doing winter-camp

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