Wednesday, January 22, 2014

hiking trip reflection

Hello my name is nathan and I went on the hicking trip and this is my reflection of how I did and wht my group did. So when we first got their we grouped up and we walked to our first camp site wich was 5 km away. When we got their we put our tent down right away because if we put the tent down later and if it rains then the tent will be wet and the ground will be wet underneth the ten. And some groups did that and they had alittle trouble puting up thier tent, once we put up our tent we got the fire ready with dry wood and burch bark, once we were dont getting fire wood fo the night we went back to the fire and we started up the fire. for out first night we coocked beans and hot dogs over the fire and we also made some smores. once we were done with dinner we just relaxed and after that we went to bed. In the morning we got up and had oat meal for breakfest becasue we needed something good for us that would give us energy because will be hiking again, once we were done eatingbreakfest we go ready and packed up our stuff and then we got our tent packed as well. the teacher wanted us to go earley because we we had more hickeing to do and that it will take longer because we will regroup with the rest of the class and some people are slow we have to stay together, once we meet up with the rest of the class we started to hicke again to our second cmap site wich i think was 12 km. when we were hicking i was very de hydrated and i finished my water and i would of brought more water because we werent even at the camp site and i was thirsty wich is not good for hot sunny days. once we stoped for lunch i filled up my water bottle with water from the nearest lake and then i used the water purifiers so the water would be safe to drink. once we all finisghed up our lunch we went back to hiking, once we started hikeing we relized how close we were to the camp site so we decided that we wont stop till we get thier to save time and that we can get set up. once we got to the camp site we relaxed for abit and we had some food because some of us had to go to a different camp site and some of us stayed at the camp site that we were allready at. So my group stayed at the camp site that we just reached and so we got our tent down as soon as possible so just incase if the weather goes bad wich it never reallt did wioch was good for us casue once we were done getting our things done we went exploring aroung the campsite to waste sometime cause we got at the site preety early. once it got near to dinner time we got allot of fire wood becuasse we had a good dinner up ahead so we got allot of wood and bark, once we were done geting wood we starteed up the fire to coock our dinner. for our dinner we had spagheti and soup it was one one of the best meaks i had on the whole entire trip and after our amazing dinner we made more smoores and allot of candy once were done eating we went to bed. When we woke up in the morning we had cerial and cofiee and then we paked up to go meet up with the other half of the classs, once we meet up wiht the other half we walked all the way back to the bus to go home. We had allot of time to spare so we made some hotdogs for our late lunch and thne th ebus came and then we drove all the way back to school. one of the things i would change is that i wouldnt of brought as much clothes and less food, and the i would do is bring more candy and treats.

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