Wednesday, January 22, 2014

That Water is Unsafe to Drink

Rating: ****

This article tells us about just how dangerous unpurified water can be and just what might be contained within that water. 

While reading this article, I learned that water that we use to: brush our teeth, clean or foods and utensils, and even drink should be de-contaminated and purified to kill or inert water-borne pathogens that can be harmful to our health. I also learned that some individuals are ignorant enough to clean their dishes in the only available water supply and that I should always remember the possibility that the water I’ve just taken is contaminated and otherwise unsafe to drink until purified, even those water sources that appear clean to the naked eye. Finally, I learned about the one way that is guaranteed to destroy one hundred percent of all disease causing organisms within my water: boiling. I also learned about the other methods that do NOT remove all the bacteria in unpurified water, such as portable water filters and a great degree of chemicals. 

In the end, I found this article to be an incredible source of important information and am very glad that I read it. It has taught me a great deal about water purification and what I should and should not do to purify my water. It has given me examples of what kind of dangers may be contained within the water that we all use daily, and I am very glad that I took the time to read it. “That Water is Unsafe to Drink” 22nd June 2011.

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