Monday, February 24, 2014

Cross-country skiing primer-Magi Scallion

         This article is an informational article about how to classic and skate ski as well as what gear you should use for the task. It is also a very basic but informative article that is great for beginners.

         In the article the author starts off talking about basics like the types of skiing and in what conditions you should us them for. She then goes into detail about the proper equipment you should use when skate skiing or classic skiing. Later on in the article you are informed about the techniques you should use when skiing for example, you should try and glide while keeping your balance between each stride for maximum performance. she then finishes the article by advising you what to wear.

         I found this to be a great article for beginner skiers and it is very helpful to me since i am just starting cross-country skiing. I advise anyone having trouble with skiing to read this article because the are basic tips that i know will help you.

Scallion, Magi. “Cross-country Skiing Primer.” Web.

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