Monday, February 24, 2014

Niseko Is Japan’s Mythical Powder Paradise - Eric Hansen

Niseko Is Japan’s Mythical Powder Paradise - Eric Hansen

Rating: *****

This article is a great is a great informative piece for anyone who loves skiing or snowboarding. It gives information and an account of the author's trip to Niseko, in Japan which is apparently home to the best powder skiing in the world.

The article begins with stories of the author's powder skiing in the mountains of Japan. He tells us about the beautiful runs through glades, on powder and the undisturbed trails that you can find in Niseko. With an average of 6 inches of snowfall per day in January, this area receives more snowfall than any other place on the planet. Not only is the skiing in this area amazing, but the locals are nice as well, and there are back country guides that will take you on the best trails in the area. The author writes about how the locals, and people who have been to Niseko before, recommended places to go after skiing such as spas and hot springs. The article gives thorough insight into what to expect on a trip to Niseko.

I thought this article was a great read for a few reasons. First, it provided lots of information on the skiing ( where to go, who to hire as a guide) and also what you can do after skiing (bars, spas, hot springs, etc.). Furthermore, it made me think that in the future, if I were to plan a trip to go skiing, this would probably be my choice. The weather seems perfect (a lot of snow and not too cold) for me, and powder skiing is my favorite kind of skiing so this area seems like a good fit for me. I believe that the information in this article, coupled with how the information is presented in a narrative format really makes it a good read.

I recommend this article to anyone thinking of planning a ski trip abroad, since it provides good information and the thoughts of an experienced skier on the skiing in Niseko.

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