Friday, April 11, 2014

Bad News Bears – Ward Cameron

Rating: ****

This article describes very realistic scenarios that could occur in the wildlife and without a doubt, the information given from this article should be prior knowledge before going on any trip in which the area has had sighting of bears.

Any incident that could be considered dangerous in the sighting of a black bear or grizzly bear is thoroughly described. It contrast myths from realities to help the reader avoid the worst possible consequence that a bear could (but most likely will not) deliver. It explains the likelihood of each situation, and although nothing can prepare you for a real life scenario, the information will without a doubt be of some value during a bear sighting.

This article affects me because if I ever were to go in an area with frequent bear sightings, my confidence in my own ability would be raised to a certain degree in which I would trust my own instincts. This is vitally important because if you doubt yourself you are more likely to make crucial mistakes. The only thought that comes to mind when reading this article is the upcoming canoe trip. This is because in my last hiking trip we were able to hear wolves howling late at night at our camp site which means that there was wild life surrounding us and that there could have possibly been a bear that we just did not notice. Although the basics of how to react has already been taught to me, the article went more in depth with it and explained practically every situation that could occur.  The main point I took out of this was the fact that bears will make ‘bluff charges’ in which they pretend like they will attack to see your reaction. My first train of thought would be to run away, but the article explains that you should play dead and lay in the fetal position. This continues to be a surprise for me, even though it has been taught to me several times. This article is not much of an inspiration, but will give me more confidence in my abilities for future encounters. This article will definitely change my behavior when/if I ever receive a bear encounter.

Articles like these, in which they explain how to handle every possible situation are very educational for the reader. Although most articles can become dull and force the reader to lose their focus, this article manages to keep the reader interested.

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