Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Our Ancestors Knew How to Keep Bugs Off

Our Ancestors Knew How to Keep Bugs Off

What to use instead of harmful chemicals


By Ottawa Outdoors


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It seems as if spring has finally decided to arrive.  That means we will soon be hiking and with that comes the black flies and mosquitos.  It is not necessary to spray harmful chemicals on your skin and in the air to keep these pesky insects from biting.


The article, Our Ancestors Knew How to Keep Bugs Off, is about natural ways of keeping bugs from bothering you while you enjoy the outdoors.  This is nothing new as the writer emphasizes that early pioneers and aboriginal people were able to keep bugs from biting using naturally grown plants.  The writer introduces us to the power of garlic, ferns and wildflowers such as rosemary and marigolds.  Mosquitos and other biting insects are repelled by these plants.  The writer explains that by simply dabbing oil from pressed garlic mixed with some water onto your skin or by rubbing crushed petals from wildflowers on your skin, you can keep from getting insect bites.  Another tip he mentions is to put sage leaves in your campfire to create an aromatic smoke that insects also dislike.


I admit that I have used insect repellant when I go hiking.  I dislike the sticky feeling left on my skin and the smell of the chemicals.  I will certainly try these natural methods explained in this article when I go hiking this season.   This article made me aware that there is a natural solution to the annoying problem of insect bites and uncomfortable repellants.


So, this year try to find a natural method to keep away the bugs away. 


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