Sunday, April 13, 2014

Wilderness Survival 101

Wilderness Survival 101

By: Allen Macartney

When faced in a survival situation it is best to simplify everything.

This article is about how Rita Chertien survived 49 days during winter in the wilderness. One day while driving through a forest Rita and her husband crashed. Her husband left their van to go find help but ended up dying. Rita remained in her van for warmth and a dry place to sleep. For the 49 days she ate the few snacks she had in her van and melted snow in a water bottle to drink. She was rescued by accident when a group of hunters drove by her van on ATVs.

This article showed me that it is better to simplify everything while in a survival situation than to try to think five steps ahead. If Rita had began to panic or try to leave her van she would of probably died. This article has also showed me that it is better to send a group of people to look for help. Especially in winter if one person wanders the wilderness looking for rescue there is a high chance that they will die.

Cite: Macartney, Allen. "Wilderness Survival 101" Apr. 2014. Ottawa Outdoors. 11 Apr. 2014 <>.

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