Sunday, April 13, 2014

How to Start a Fire in the Rain

By Cliff Jacob

Learning how to start a fire is essential in practically every situation, but in bad weather conditions, it can become very challenging.

This article explains the many ways to make a fire when you are stuck in bad weather conditions, such as snow, rain and/or wind. With heavy precipitations, fire wood can become damp and extremely hard to start a fire with. By having a few simple tools such as a knife, saw and a small hatchet, dry would can be made to help facilitate the process of making the fire. To access dry wood from a damp log, it is necessary to split the log since the middle will be dry, then sliver off the outer layer that is damp. Although this process is not very quick, it will eventually work and will be worth it.  

I found this article to be very useful. It's very hard to predict what the weather will be like, so knowing how to start a fire in any weather condition is a very useful tool that could potentially save your life. Also, this article provided great tips that could possibly help me during the up coming hiking trip at Frontenac Park.   

Jacob, Cliff. "How to Start a fire in the rain" How to start a fire in the woods, even when its wet(January 2011): 1.

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