Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday, April 13, 2014
Cold Weather X-Country Skiing Tips

Cold Weather X-Country Skiing Tips

How to Stay Warm While X-Country Skiing
By XC Ottawa
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It is important to know how to stay warm while x-country skiing. 
This article, Cold Weather X-Country Skiing Tips, provides a list of twelve tips to avoid getting cold while x-country skiing.  The writer correctly states that you need to cover all exposed skin, including your ears with a good toque, but cautions not to dress to warm as it can lead to excessive sweating.  He suggests wearing mitts instead of gloves and to bring a change of shirt for after your ski because a sweaty shirt will get very cold quickly once you stop for the day. Also, the writer suggests you bring a warm liquid that is rich in electrolytes to maintain energy and avoid dehydration.  He suggests that you keep your water bottle up-side down so that the spout does not freeze as the hot liquid will be closer to the spout. 
This article has made me realize that in the past I have dressed poorly when going x-country skiing and this has given me an idea of what I can improve upon.  Also, I realize that I should be bringing more than just skiing equipment with me such as hot liquids and a spare t-shirt.  Even if the weather seems nice, I realize that it is important to prepare because the weather can change in an instant.
Always be prepared when going x-country skiing because you never know exactly how cold it can get on the trail.
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