Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tips for spring trips to cottages

In this article, it talks about why it's better to prepare and go to your cottage during the spring rather than only visit it during the summer.

The article gives you four good examples on why you should go to your cottage during the spring. The first example is that all of the freshness from the blossoming, and how it can become a wonderful scenery. The second example is that when spring comes around all the new and old wildlife is coming out of hibernation. You have a good chance of seeing baby birds and baby deer this time of the year if you're an animal lover.
The third example is that in April you rather have a three or four day holiday, so you should take advantage of that. During Easter, you could maybe have you're Easter egg hunt outside this year. The fourth example is if the weather is nice out, it's perfect to go for a hike in the forest to see the new plant and wildlife outside. The article says the trails could be muddy so dress appropriately to the surroundings.

I found this article had some valid points. Even though I\my family doesn't own a cottage if we did I would like to go up during spring just to get everything prepared for when we do go during the summer.

By: Jason Wells


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