Sunday, April 13, 2014


To someone who has just sparked an interest into Adventure racing, and wishes to get a vague overview of what this sport is about this first-timers guide is great for giving the fundamentals of this adventurous sport.

In this article the main topics surrounding adventure racing that a beginner would be likely to inquire about are answered. It begins by outlining what an adventure race is and how to train for one, then goes into the gear required for these races. It explains adventure racing as a multi-sport race that incorporates map-based navigation. One major point that it gets across when explaining how to train is that you should train as a group and work on your teams ability to work together. The largest section of this article is dedicated to outlining the skills required to complete an adventure race. It explains that map and compass skills come second to physical conditioning and skills in the individual activities and that the adventure races that someone who would be reading this article would be participating in would be more similar to working your way through a trail network and less intense orienteering required.

After reading this article which came paired with a short youtube video of one's adventure racing experience, my interest in becoming part of this sport has only risen. Even if there was not much found in this article that was new information to me, it has made me think more about how this is less a sport designated solely to "Mr.Brower-like" people, but is also a possibility for people like myself as well.

Roper, Sean. "So, You Want To Do An Adventure Race?" Get Out There Magazine. N.p., 2 Mar. 2014. Web. 13 Apr. 2014. <>.

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