Tuesday, May 27, 2014

International Risk Management

International Risk Management
Bill Frederick
Rating: Stars *****

While reading this article I found that in low to medium income country's are a lot harder to do trips in for orienteering, canoeing, etc.

The article starts off by telling the reader about a story that happened to the author of the article and the problems that were given to him. In the next paragraph the author talks about the greater hazards that can come from doing trips in low to medium income country's and what you should do if you haven't done a trip in that area. After the author talks about the fewer resources you get in low - medium income areas and also about road safety and that you should check to see what transportation is the safest in that area. After that intense paragraph the author goes on to telling the reader about how to manage risk internationally.

This article should be read if you intend to go on a trip in low - medium income areas to know that the trip will be very hard and that you should be prepared for anything whether it be small or big.


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