Monday, May 26, 2014

Lighting Hazards and Safety

Lightning Hazards and Safety
Bill Frederick
Rating: *****

I personal found that this article has taught me new things about lightning that I didn't originally knew and that some places that you would think would be safe aren't actually safe like caves, overhangs and many other places even some trees.

The article is about obviously lightning hazards and safety it starts off by telling the reader about how lightning happens. After it explains how lightning happens it tells the reader about the danger zone and what you need to do if your in the danger zone, also ways to limit the risk of yourself and/or other group members getting injured by lightning. it also tells the reader how to tell if your in the danger zone and it tells the reader places to avoid if their in a danger zone or a thunder storm. It also tells the reader what to do for treatment if someone was hit by lightning for example if someone was hit by lightning and had a cardiac arrest you would need to do CPR for as long as possible since their is a chance that they could wake up with out advanced life support.

I would recommend that everyone should read this since it has some good knowledge about lightning safety and hazards that you could really benefit from knowing.

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