Monday, May 26, 2014

The West Coast Trail - Backpacking in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve
Bradley Wipperman
Rated ****

Located in British Columbia, the West Coast Trail is a 77 kilometre trail of coastal rainforests and deserted beaches, filled with a natural aura of beauty. Contrarily though, the coastal shores of the trail dubbed "The Graveyard Of The Pacific" are home to 240 shipwrecks.

The trail is considered extremely challenging by all outdoor enthusiasts, but it is still an excellent demonstration of the splendour of nature. The trail passes through first nations land, kept by them for more than 4000 years, and members of the guarding tribes work with wardens of the park to patrol its splendour. The trail takes from five to eight days to complete, and it is a very damp area, so diverse gear is recommended. Waterfalls and tidal pools are very common along the trail, and their beauty is increased by their practicality as they are an excellent place to bathe. Sea lions, sea birds, and other aquatic life are the prominent fauna of the region.

 This article was very interesting as it highlighted the glorious opportunities for hiking trips in the wilderness. I think that this trip sounds like one that would be incredible to go on, and it is very inspiring to think about. I would recommend this article to anyone who has ever walked, because if they took it upon themselves to go on this trip I am sure they would love the experience.

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