Saturday, May 31, 2014

Louie Schwartzberg: Hidden miracles of the natural world - TED talk

Louie Schwartzberg: Hidden miracles of the natural world

Rating: ****
            This TED talk is absolutely one of the most interesting to watch. Louie Schwartzberg talks about "seeing the invisible." What this means is to use technology such as time lapse, high-speed cameras, and powerful microscopes to study amazing things we cannot see with the naked eye. He talks about things that move too slowly for us to see, such as the growth of a mushroom, or the movement of the clouds. He talks about motions that are too quick to be seen without a high-speed camera, for example, the flight of an owl or a dragonfly. Lastly, he talks about miniature creatures and elements of our world that cannot be seen without a very powerful microscope, such as mites or specific parts of some insects.

           The talk is very informative and interesting, and very enjoyable as well. Schwartzberg doesn't simply give information, he presents it. The topic is also very relevant. Although the images and videos are all absolutely stunning, there is a reason that they are being studied, as Schwartzberg explains in his video. The study of tiny particles lets us delve deeper in nanotechnology so that we may create better ways of fixing minute problems. The study of a dragonfly's wings lets us make better, more efficient flying machines. I suggest watching the video, if not for the fascinating technology, then for the stunning footage.

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