Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Trail Running - Anywhere, Anytime
Rating: ****

This article is about the wonders of trail running. The author, Dave McMahon calls out to all “Prisoners of Pavement” asking them to consider trying their hand at trail running. He explains that trail running is far more liberating than running on the sidewalk. He describes the proper trail running technique and some excellent warm-up ideas. It’s quite obvious that this man is very passionate about trail running.

When I read this article I found that it was a great way of raising interest in trail running. I find that after reading the article I see the benefits of trail running and I am tempted to try it. On occasion I go for a run through my neighbourhood and it becomes quite boring whereas trail running (as McMahon describes it) is “a concentrated total-body workout for power, endurance, agility, balance, and core strength”. I would recommend this article to anyone who enjoys running and wants to push themselves to the limit.

McMahon. Dave. “Trail Running – Anywhere, Anytime” (July 2012)

James Aufleger

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