Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ted Talks- Ueli Gegenschatz:Extreme Wingsuit flying

Rating: ***

Wingsuit jumping is the leading edge of extreme sports.

Ueli has done many air based sports ranging from skydiving to sky surfing and ultimately to wingsuit flying. While wingsuit flying he discovered that he loved to base jump and became set on finding never before jumped locations. Over a few years he had based jumped from many mountains and iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower. Ueli had also many unique stunts like jumping off a hot-air balloon and jumping off a truck over a cliff. In 2009 he stated that he wanted to break the world record for longest distance flown in a wingsuit.

There were a few things that I learned throughout this video. The first being how popular skydiving styled sports are. The second is that the smoke released while flying is used to show the direction of travel and to aid the camera man on filming the jump. The final is that you have to be at a high mental state in order to preform these jumps.

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