Sunday, June 1, 2014

 Article Assignment #2 

Nepal Defeats the Wildlife Trade

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Nepal Defeats the Wildlife Trade is an article written to celebrate the achievements of the developing country Nepal and their fight against illegal animal poaching.
The statistics are staggering. African elephants are being hunted in numbers as high as 30 000 to 35 000 per year and tigers 39 to 48 per year.  Governments all over Africa are struggling to get a grasp on and stop the endangerment of their continents wildlife.  Fortunately, Nepal has been a leader in putting an end to the illegal trade.  March 3, World Wildlife Day, the nation was proudly able to say not a single rhino, tiger or elephant was killed in their country.   

I applaud the efforts being made by the Nepali government.  In Canada and the United States we hear so much about endangered and extinct animals but we rarely often hear the success stories of what is being done elsewhere in the world to stop it.  This article provides a positive outlook on a relatively negative topic. 

To achieve such an amazing accomplishment in other African countries will take both time and effort, but with an outstanding leading force like Nepal we know it is possible.

 The Editorial Board, (2014, March 17). Nepal Defeats the Wildlife Trade. The New York Times 

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