Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Article 1

Article #1

Author: Will Gadd

Rating: *****


This was a very interesting and a good informative article. This article was about a climbing instructor who has been climbing for over 30 years. It talks about him falling off the side of a mountain and landing on a ledge and how that is a big reality check for him. He talks about how he works to keep himself safe and uses safety measures as a secondary precaution.

This article made me think a lot about climbers and how they face danger at every turn, and how one false move or equipment malfunction could end it for them. I learned from this article that even the most experienced climbers aren’t immune to the dangers of climbing. This article had one quote in particularity that effected me and change my thought to safety when it comes to outdoor activities. This quote was “ rely on myself and my own abilities first, and to trust safety systems as little as I have to.”. This quote made me think quite a bit and how I rely on safety systems when doing stuff.


Will Gadd. “Playing it safer.” Explore winter 2012: page 34.Magazine

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