Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Article 3


Article #3

Author: J.B. Mackinnon

Rating: ***


       This wasn’t the most interesting article in the world but it wasn’t bad. The article is about the writers experience with surfing in Canada and how i can be overrated but a lot of fun. He talks about how he really didn’t care for it for 20 years then decided to do it. He says how he went out and surfed with his friend out at a camp, and by the end he was completely exhausted.

This article didn’t really tech me anything thing or affect me in any way. It made me think of how people try new things they think is cool and un and it really hurts them in the end or completely drains them because they aren’t prepared.  This article pushed me more away from surfing because the way he wrote it, it sounds like it will really hurt and it will drain you.


J.B. Mackinnon. “Time for a break.” Explore winter 2012: page 37-40.Magazine


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