Sunday, September 21, 2014

TED Talk: New Thinking On The Climate Crisis - Al Gore

Rating : **** Excellent

      In this TED talk, Al Gore reveals the ugly truth of how we are destroying the environment and how it'll affect the planet in the future.

     Al Gore uses many examples that really make you think. He uses comparisons that everyone can 'relate' to, ones that everyone can understand and make them realize how much pollution we really are causing. He talks about how much gas we've been using and the temperature rising and the difference between the past climate and the current climate and how much it has affect the north pole and others. 

     I find this TED talk to be very interesting and educational. Al gore puts in several comic reliefs but he always makes sure that he is keeping the seriousness of the topic to make sure that his message is being relayed on to everyone. I find he executed this topic very well and I learned lots about the environment and how much we are really affecting it. 

Al Gore: New thinking on the climate crisis | Talk Video |

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