Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ten Best Hikes in Alberta
Best places in Alberta to take a hike

Written by Siobhan McClelland

Rating:            **

If you are looking for places to hike, there are many experienced hikers who have written articles about where to go.

The article, Ten Best Hikes in Alberta, is a listing of ten popular places to hike with short descriptions on each. The writer gives us the name and location of each hiking trail and then describes what you will see on the hike, how difficult it is and how long it will take.

The article was somewhat clear but most of the hikes seemed at a difficult level and not for inexperienced hikers.  Often she did not list what time of year would be best to make the hike and sometimes she didn’t say how long it would take.  This article would be good for experienced hikers or people living in Alberta who had the time to do these hikes.

I don’t think I would travel to Alberta to do these hikes but it is good for people who are looking to hike in different parts of Canada.

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