Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Investigation complete on whooping crane killing in Indiana

Investigation complete on whooping crane killing in Indiana
Josh Wood
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Indiana Conservation officers were investigating the killing of Whooping Crane birds in early January in Knox County. They received information in mid-January that a whooping Crane had been shot with a rifle at night.

Seeing as though this species of bird is endangered, I think it’s pretty sad to see people still hunting them. I’m personally not a fan of hunting in any situation, it just seems a bit cruel to me. The reports in the article say in 1941, there were only roughly 15 whooping cranes in the wild. 70 years ago this species was on the brink of extinction because of human activity, today there are only 600. So it’s safe to say our efforts to preserve their species is effective to some extent, but 600 is still a small number for any species. Apparently, about 150 captive-raised birds are used in the reintroduction programs at a cost exceeding $100,000 per bird. It’s a shame to see them hunted like this.

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