Monday, June 16, 2014

Outdoor resource – Red Pine Outdoor Equipment

Rating: ***

This website is a whole sail outdoor equipment website. Because of the whole sail aspect there is no limit to how much you can order. This also takes out a second middle man, allowing the prices to be lower than retail prices. The website carries over 800 products and allows you to search for them by product or brand. There is no minimum or maximum amount needed to order. Red Pine partners with over 500 retailers so shipping is not excessively costly. The owners of Red Pine are also open to new ideas and suggestions from it's buyers. Red Pine's head office is also in Ottawa.

This can help the course because of the prices. When buying equipment for the outdoor ed program, it is usually done in bulk, therefore the whole sail price is ideal for our purpose. The company being Canadian they understand the elements we undergo, as well as understanding the quality needed for our environment. The fact that the company is willing to work with the costumer shows the commitment but also if they don't currently carry a product or brand, you can recommend that they do. website/ accessed June 6 2014

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